4 pictures show, how and how much, an FBA Prep center (fulfillment center) in China, charges for packing (changing package), bundling, and labeling 500 products (total 10 cartons).

Above 4 pictures show:

it took 15 steps, 3406 handles, for a China FBA prep center (fulfillment center) to finish changing package, bundling,  and labeling  total 10 cartons (500 products) .

They charge 0.25RMB (about 0.036USD) per handle, so total packing fee is 0.036*3406=123USD.

Packing fee per product is 123USD/500=0.25USD/product.



*You may be interested to know more details:



Step 1: Bring in cartons

10 cartons, each carton 50 pcs bathroom accessories were brought in.



Step 2: Open carton

Each carton was opened by 3 cuts.



Step 3: Take out package (pkg) & open, take out products

product with inner box taken out


inner boxed opened


product taken out



Step 4: Prepare new pkg, put in 2 products, close pkg

new pkg (clear poly bag) gotten ready



product put in


bag closed



Step 5: Bring in new product inner box

inner box brought in



Step 6: Fold inner product box

product inner box fold 1


product inner box fold 2



Step 7: Put product into inner box

products put into inner box



Step 8: Close inner product box

inner box closed


Step 9: Put on sticker onto inner box

product label put on



Step 10: Bring in new carton

cartons brought in



Step 11: Make carton

carton folded


carton taped



Step 12: Put product into carton

inner box put into carton



Step 13: Close carton

carton close folded


carton taped 1


carton taped 2


carton taped 3


carton taped 4



Step 14: Put on 2 FBA labels on ctns

2 FBA labels put onto cartons



Step 15: Stack cartons

Finished, ready to ship to Amazon warehouse!