What’s the price difference between paint can pass CPC (Children Products Certificate) and paint cannot pass CPC?

The quick answer is 10-15%, as per multiple suppliers we contacted. For some colors, like white, there may not be any price difference. If you wish to know the price difference for a specific product, you need to know the price of their original paint, how much paint is used per product, and if the painting process is the same.

For example, if paining a stool like below uses 0.10kg (100g) paint, the original paint (cannot pass CPC testing) price is USD 3.00 per kilo, the new paint which can pass CPC costs 3.30 USD per kilo, the new paint price per unit will be 0.03 USD more, if the panting process is the same.

A kid’s stool waiting for CPC testing.

Compared to the total product cost, say 10 USD, 0.03 USD is nothing. So, in many cases, supplier do not charge extra for using a paint that can pass CPC testing, if you place a decent order with them. Below is more you may need to know about paint and CPC testing for children’s products (toys, furniture).

What’s the CPC standard for paint?

Lead coating < 90 ppm; Phthalic < 1000 ppm (testing carried in August 2023)

A product failed pass CPC testing for paint

All children products (toys, furniture) sold in North American need to meet these standards.

How much does it cost to test a paint to see if it meets CPC standards?

In China, most of the labs can do this testing within 3 days after they receive the sample, it costs about 50 USD to test the paint.

How can I have CPC certificate for my product?

You need to submit your business information and your product information to a qualified testing lab, then send them a sample to have it tested. CPC certificate is usually issued within a week if all goes well.

You can also contact us to have ALL this done for you. We offer one-stop solutions to secure supply chain, to make it strong for you.

A kids stool CPC certificate we did for our customer this year.


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