Get 10% Cartons Randomly Inspected for Free


We might be the LAST person who have a chance to take a look at your products, and report to you by an independent 3rd party, before your products landed into your customer’s hands.

So we think, why not take this opportunity and make good use of it?

Starting from March, 2021, we offer FREE 10% carton inspection service to all our customers.

Possible benefits:

  • You can see if your carton labels, FBA labels or other labels are put correctly.
  • You can see if your product labels, FNSKU or UPC or other barcodes are put correctly.
  • You can see your product package condition after being on road for a while. (This is a good opportunity to test product package)
  • You can see some of your products quality, for a last chance, before they turn up in your end customer’s hands.

What if something goes wrong?

You still have the chance to let us hold the shipment, either return to your supplier to fix, or we fix on spot.

We hope you like this free value-added service. Good luck for 2021!

P.S. We are fully back to work now~


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