inspect and label 1,519 boxes of 91 different barcodes in one day

Working diary: inspect and label 1,519 boxes of 91 different barcodes in one day

On 9th May 2024, our five-member team came to the factory full of enthusiasm. Here is the place Haining city where we are about to carry out an important task.

As the vehicle makes its way forward, anticipation fills the hearts of every team member.

When stepping into the wide area of the factory, rows of boxes came into view, and that was the 1519 boxes of goods that we needed to inspect and label. Facing such a huge number and 92 different items, we did not flinch at all, but instead surged with a strong fighting spirit.

our team inspect labels in the factory

Once the team members enter the factory, We quickly engage in communication and connection with the relevant personnel, and promptly commence the inspection work.

We delicately open the packaging boxes and meticulously examine details such as the product’s appearance, size, and color, leaving no stone unturned when it comes to potential quality issues

We quickly divided the work and each was responsible for an area. Some people focused on checking the details of each item to ensure they met the standards; some people skillfully picked up the labels and accurately pasted them on the designated positions of the boxes. Time flew by in the busyness, and only the sound of our footsteps back and forth and the occasional communication could be heard in the factory.

For the flaws on the product surface, they conduct a thorough check one by one.

flaws on the product surface

The team members also skillfully utilize tools to measure precisely, leaving no room for any deviation in the key parts of the product

Then, we carefully select the appropriate label and prepare to put AWD lables.During the labeling process, Our team members handle it with great care, ensuring the label is adhered in the correct position and is nice and firm.

labels for 92styles

Sweat gradually soaked through our clothes, but our eyes remained firm. With the completion of the inspection and labeling of each box, there was a sense of accomplishment in our hearts. We encouraged and supported each other, and discussed solutions together when encountering problems.

our team check the labels

After a whole day of intense fighting, when the labeling of the last box was completed, we stood in front of the piled-up achievements and were filled with pride. These 1519 boxes of goods are not just individual boxes, but the crystallization of our teamwork and the testimony of our hard work.

On this day, we deeply experienced the power of the team. Five people, working together in harmony, jointly overcame the seemingly impossible task. We left the factory with full harvest and expectations for the future, and this experience will always be engraved in our hearts, inspiring us to move forward bravely in future work and create more glories.

all the goods has been inspected in one day

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