How FBA prep service is done in China? For caster wheels.

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Step 1: Send Products to A China Prep Center

The well-developed logistics system in China enables a China prep center receive shipments within 3 days from almost ANYWHERE in China. If the prep center is located in China eastern coastal cities like Shanghai, Ningbo, or its nearby region (called Yangtze River Delta), it can receive most shipments THE NEXT DAY.

Take Yiwu(a small China eastern city with a big wholesale market) for example :

goods delivery to Yiwu

A prep center in Yiwu can receive most of China products in 3 days

You can see, Yiwu can receive most of China local shipments within 3 days. A prep center like this can receive small parcels, and big truck loads from anywhere in China EASILY.

Step 2: Prep Center Receive, Check, Report, Resolve

Prep center receives everything and check products condition. This is an initial check to see if any severe problems found. If no big issue, shipment received and signed. If major issue pops up, say 20% defectives or 100% wrong products, reject.

bulk shipments of caster wheels collected into our prep center in Yiwu China

Collect wheels

Some defective wheels (broken) found. not major, shipment signed and received.

Inspect wheels

Bulk shipments of loose screws delivered to a China prep center

Collect screws

defective screws found during inspection, major issue (40% defects)

Inspect screws

100% inspection done to pick out defective screws

Inspect screws

Buyers (Amazon sellers) is usually updated for each step, include costs involved, before moving to next step.

Step 3: Prep Center Repack (label, bundle, pack...)

Prep center repack according to Amazon sellers' requirements. This usually includes labeling, bundling, bagging, boxing ... Amazon sellers provide design artwork, prep center provides package materials.

repack caster wheels for FBA

Group wheels

Loose screw parts are packed into a poly bag in certain sets.

Group screws

FBA repack with silica gel bags

Silica gel

repack caster wheels for FBA

Group / bundle

repack caster wheels for FBA

FNSKU labelled

inner box put into master box, labelled and marked, ready to ship

FBA labelled, ready to ship

Step 4: Prep Center Ship Out

The prep center ship out FULLY prepared products according to Amazon sellers requirements: by air, by sea, FCL, LCL, or courier... to Amazon warehouse or Seller's own warehouse.

9: Container loaded with wheels & yoga mats

Container loaded

BL of caster wheels for Amazon seller to collect shipment

B/L released

After receiving container, Amazon sellers will simply store or forward to Amazon FBA warehouse without any handling. This can SAVE LOTS OF COST.

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