Total time from you products leave a factory in China to you can sell it by Amazon FBA in USA?

*We are talking shipping by fast boat (Matson Express CLX)

Here is the total time line:

  1. Supplier sends shipment to PrepInChina warehouse (3-5 days).
  2. Prep in China inspect boxes and request approval on items (3-5 Days).
  3. Prep in China loads container with other orders then do customs(boat shipments)(2-4 days).
  4. Prep in China drives order to the shipping port (boat shipments) (1-2 days).
  5. Port prepares to put container on the boat (1-4 days).
  6. Boat leaves on designated days, which can result in waiting delays caused by customs check, port congestion, bad weather… etc. (2-5 days).
  7. Boat travels to USA and off loads at port (fast boat) (11 days).
  8. Items clear customs, de-group ( 1-7 days).
  9. Local carrier picks up items and takes them to Amazon locations (2-5 days).
  10. Amazon receives the items and scans them in ( 3-14 days).
  11. Listings become Active (1 day).
  12. You can finally sell your item online !

Total time not including production: 30-63 days !


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