*you are going to read through 181 screenshots of all the communications between an Amazon seller and a 3rd party Amazon FBA Prep center in China, see how they complete a prep project in 30 days.


It can take 35 mins reading, you will get to know exactly:

  1. how the whole process works to have an AMZ FBA Prep center in China, to work on your project, from A to Z.
  2. how they overpass language barrier with WeChat translate and human communicate in between, eventually get their job done.
  3. how they worked out the right package to bundle different products into a set, labeled with sticker and bar-codes, then ship out.
  4. how a China prep fee structure works.
  5. how much it costs to ship 10 carton from China to an AMZ warehouse located in the middle of US.
  6. what kind of service you can expect from a prep center in China.



how an AMZ FBA prep center in China works 001

how an AMZ FBA prep center in China works - understand details




The conversation doesn't end here. It will go on for a long time even after the products are sold on Amazon. But i think you already got a basic idea of how an FBA Prep center in China can help overseas Amazon seller with prep shipments in China.