Ship toys from China to Amazon U.S.

What certificates are needed?

CPC certificate sample for toys ship to Amazon US.

You will need a certificate called CPC(Children’s Product Certificate), like above.

How to get this CPC certificate?

This certificate can be done by having multiple samples sent to labs to test for ASTM and CPSIA. You will also need to submit It the following information at the same time:

  1. Product Name:
    Product description:
    Product model:
  2. Test requirement
    CPSIA ASTMF963-17
    Test Age group: (0+ or 3+)
  3. USA Importer info (you can use your Amazon store information for this)
    Company Name:
  4. Applicant (info have to same as Amazon store info)Company Name: Address: Email: Tel:
  1. Manufacturer name:

How long does it take?

Usually takes 3 working days for a certificate.

How much?

It costs 300-400 USD for one certificate. One certificate can only be used for one product.

How long does this certificate valid? Does it have a product amount limit?

This certificate does not have a valid time period which means you can use it for as long as you want. But Amazon may require you to update certificate yearly. You can update with the same certificate year after year.

And this certificate doesn’t have a product amount limit. You can use the same certificate, as many as you want. As long as it’s the same product.

How much does it cost for shipping?

Once you have CPC certificate, shipping rate of your products are considered as generic products by shipping companies, you can have same shipping rates as other generic products.

You can check our shipping rates and time from China to Amazon U.S. by sea instant calculator. Or contact us for a more accurate and sophisticated quote(some by air and some by sea etc.).

What about inspection?

Our shipping rate already include a free preliminary inspection to check one piece for each product:

  1. Does each carton has FBA label? Is it scannable? Doe it match?
  2. Does it have FNSKU? Is it scannable? Does it match?
  3. Is the product in good condition?
  4. Is the package in good condition?
  5. Other points we find out.

The results will be reported to you by photos, and videos.

You may consider to have a 5% random inspection or a 10% random inspection done by us, then we co-decide the next steps based on results of the 5-10% random inspection.

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