Step 1: Find Out What Sells

It's not a secret to find out what sells online (Amazon, ebay, wish...). If you find these two 20 pcs nail art set kit sold well on Amazon:

20pcs-Nail-Art Brushes-Tool-Kit-Set-on Amazon

Classic color nail art kits on Amazon

pink colorful nail art brush set kit with colorful zipper pouch

Pink colorful nail art kits on Amazon

After you're sure to go with this product, go to next step to revise.

Step 2: Revise

You may think of revising it by changing color, parts, and package... ... have something NEW like this:

pink colorful nail art brush set kit

pink colorful tools

20pcs-Nail-Art Brushes-Tool-Kit-Set with black roll out pouch with magnetic closures

Roll-out pouch with magnetic closures

After you are sure about your revised new product, go to next step to source it.

Step 3: Buy

It's not difficult to source a product now from China by yourself. Websites like,,,, With Google translation tools, you can even source from Chinese website like,,,

I Googled "pink nail art tool kit China" see images, found my product within one minute. They are listed on Aliexpress and Globalsources.

Google pink nail art tool kit China

Google image

pink colorful nail art brush set kit on aliexpress


pink nail art tool kit on globalsources


If you buy small to test, you may simply buy from Aliexpress. If you want to do more, you will need to talk to suppliers on globalsources, alibaba, made-in-china...

Step 4: Send to a Prep Center in China

You can ship your products in to a prep center in China. They can help you with all necessary prep services. There are some good prep centers in China south region (guangdong province) and China east region (zhejiang province), up to where your products are located. If you have one from some products from south China and some products from north China, you may need to ship to prep center in middle of China like Yiwu, so your prep center can receive fast.

ship to a prep center in china
goods delivery to Yiwu

After your prep center receive your products, they will prepare all before ship to your warehouse / Amazon warehouse.

Step 5: Prep

Your prep center will everything before sending to you / Amazon warehouse. Like receive, inspect, repack, ship.


Receive & open


Check shortage

04: sorted out to make 20pcs set

Sort out

05: each piece quality checked


06: fall-apart-defects picked out




09: fixable defects are fixed


10: all individual pcs fully inspected

100% inspected

11: 20 loose pieces make a set


12: loose pieces put in pouch


13: new nail art set kit completed


14: folded

Rolled up

15: bagged


16: bag size complies with amazon FBA to save shipping cost

Size complied

17: boxed in right size cartons


18: box weighted to comply-amazon warehouse requirements to save cost

Weight complied

Now you have your NEW nail art kits. Nobody else have. Your prep center will ship out to your warehouse / Amazon warehouse according to your needs.

Step 6: Customer Receive

Your customer receive your NEW revised nail art kits. And most import, they are happy about your products. Less returns, Less negative reviews, More sales.   Everyone happy, business grows.

20: with pink colorful nail art tools insde