China Artificial Flowers market

China Top 5 Artificial Flowers Places

#1 : Yiwu

According to multiple resources available, Yiwu is ranked the 1st place for artificial flowers business in China.

Artificial flowers from A manufacturer in Yiwu

There are at least 1,213 suppliers in and around Yiwu area for artificial flowers, out of total 2,845 strong suppliers in all China, which means Yiwu takes up 43% of all artificial flowers supply in China. Yiwu’s population only takes up 0.3% of China.

Artificial flowers from A factory in Yiwu

The artificial flowers market in Yiwu has more than 760 suppliers. It is the biggest of its kind in China. Flowers from all over China are displayed and wholesaled in this market.

Artificial flowers from A wholesaler in Yiwu market

Many suppliers in Yiwu are in trading, arranging, packing and processing flowers.

24k gold foil rose from a A Yiwu gifts supplier

#2 Guangzhou

There are at least 656 suppliers estimated in Guangzhou for artificial flowers.

artificial flowers by A Guangzhou manufacturer

Suppliers in Guangzhou are strong at designing, manufacturing high quality artificial flowers and parts.

high quality artificial roses by A Guangzhou supplier

#3 Dongguan

There are at least 328 suppliers in Dongguan for artificial flowers.

Artificial trees from a Dongguan factory

Suppliers in Dongguan are strong at producing big pieces plants and flowers. Flowers quality are also good.

Animals made from artificial plants by A Dongguan manufacturer

#4 Tianjing

Caozili (曹子里) is a traditional place in China for silk flowers. They produce the best quality silk flowers in China history for a long time.

artificial flowers made by A Tianjing manufacturer

Nowadays, the district around Caozili has developed a big industry for silk flowers. In Wuqing district, there are more than 120 suppliers for artificial flowers.

silk flowers made by A Tianjing factory

#5 Hebei (Baoding & Cangzhou)

A small town called Gougezhuang (苟各庄) has more than 100 suppliers and producers for artificial flowers. The area around this town has developed to be an industry of at least 264 suppliers estimated for artificial flowers.

Artificial flowers from A factory in gougezhuang

Suppliers in this area produce the cheapest flowers in China.

Wedding flowers from A supplier in Baoding

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