Prep Service Process

#1 Get Full Prep Quote

If need our full Prep service(prep & shipping), send info of your goods including item photo, original package, inspection details, how to pack/bundle it, … more detail is better so we can quote you prep price faster.


*Click this link to see how to send details to us for a full quote.


#2 Get Only Shipping Quote

If you only need shipping service, please provide a packing list like this *click here to download our shipping inquiry form, fill it either by yourself or by your supplier, then send us with  your destination address. We will quote for you fast.


Want to ship some by sea, some by air? No problem. We quote you separately. *Click this link to see one quote example.

Below are some instant  shipping calculators may help you to get quotes fast.


#3 Send Products To Us

We can work on EXW, FIH(Free in House) , or FOB , up to what terms you work with your supplier. 

You can let your supplier send goods to our warehouse, or we arrange collection from factory, up to what terms you work with them.

Before sending out goods to our warehouse, please contact us, or let your supplier contact us, to get  IHL(In House Labels). 


yiwu prep center

#4 We Receive & Work

We receive your goods. Inspect as you required. Return, repack, re-fix, or re-work when necessary. Label, bundle, photograph if needed. 

#5 We Ship Out & Offer You Tracking

Once we finish everything. We ship out your goods to the Amazon FBA warehouse / non-Amazon warehouse, as per your time, budget, quantity, by sea, air and rail.


And  send you the tracking No.  to track delivery. In some cases, tracking code may not be available, then you will be updated by email.

Contact US

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Whatsapp/Phone:+86 159 2428 6660​