How is the Cheapest Cost for Prep Service in China?

For example, how does the Prep cost?

You have ordered 200 pcs of  bracelets, and need our service to do Prep and inspection.

The prep detail is

Original packing is 200pcs inside 1 big carton, each one bracelet packed with 1 opp bag.

Each unit needs to do an inspection, and pack into 1 opp bag, then 2 pcs pack inside 1 box, each box has an SKU label, then 50 box pack into 1 big carton.

jewelry prep

Total Prep fee= handling fee + packing material cost 

Open original packing
Take off the carton 224
Knife to open carton326
open original opp bag1200200
take out product1200200
check front side and back side2200400
take new opp bag1200200
put the product into1200200
seal the bag1200200
bundle (2 pcs pack into 1 box)
take the box1100100
fold the box bottom1100100
seal the box bottom1100100
put 2 pcs product in2100200
fold the box top1100100
seal the box top1100100
add sticker label1100100
Pack in to the big carton
take the carton144
fold the carton bottom144
seal the carton bottom3412
put 50pcs into the carton504200
fold the carton top144
seal the carton top3412
stack the carton144
add carton sticker label144
Total handle 2454

Total handle fee = 2454 X¥0.25($0.036) = ¥613.5 ($88.3)

Packin Material costT.QTYPriceAmount
SKU label100¥0.1
Carton label2¥1
opp bag (8X12cm)200¥0.05
box (18*10*11cm)100¥1.5

Total packing cost: ¥192($27.34)

Total Prep fee= handling fee + packing material cost = ¥805.5($115.64) for 200pcs bracelet Prep.

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